R1& R2

Water-Jel Technologies, the company that developed and produced R1 and R2, is world-renowned as expert on wound care.  


The Refreshment Gel R1 is the first step in the full R1 & R2 treatment. Refreshes, reduces pain, moisturizes and stabilizes skin temperature. Immediately after application, R1 provides moisturizing and helps reduce inflammation. R1 contains LACTOKINA, which together with other lactic proteins contain milk-derived cytokines that detect damaged cells, providing nutrients that stimulate natural regeneration of cells and at the same time minimize inflammation.



The soothing lotion R2 is the second step of the full R1 & R2 treatment. Revitalizes, strengthens and strengthens the natural defense methods of the skin, accelerating its regeneration. R2 repairs, hydrates and revitalizes damaged skin by radiotherapy and protects by reducing the risk of sun exposure reactions.