O-Scan Equine

O-Scan Equine is a permanent magnet MRI system dedicated to horse examinations.

Thanks to its ergonomic design, it permits perfect positioning of an anesthetized horse for scanning the Carp, Metacarpian and Hoop regions.


Vet-MR Grande is an innovative, high-performance MRI system that covers the imaging diagnosis needs of many species, from small animals to large dogs and horses.

It is the result of collaborating with specialized veterinary sites and offers the best solution for radiologists, neurologists, orthopedists and veterinarians who need a top diagnostic imaging.

SKANVET Digital Radiology for Veterinary – Designed for the needs and demands of people’s best friends … and their caregivers.


High End, easy to use Veterinary
Imaging Software

– Hassle-free data entry of both owner and companion animal
-Includes complete Companion Animal

-Runs on any Windows PC (with given minimum HW & SW requirements)