SCHAERER MEDICAL is a leading provider of operating tables and accessories for general and specialist use. SCHAERER products are innovative and durable, designed to improve results and enable surgical staff to work more efficiently.

Axis 350

Schaerer Axis 350 is an extremely reliable mobile table that meets all the modern requirements.

Axis 350 can be used for all surgical operations, including bariatric surgery (maximum weight weighing up to 450 kg).

The combination of Swiss craftsmanship with high reliability results in a long meal life and makes it an attractive choice based on cost efficiency.

Axis 400-800

Axis 400-800 family tables are built to the highest technical requirements. It is the most successful dining line in the history of Schaerer.

The table is based on a unique eccentric column design featuring extraordinary access capabilities for imaging equipment (X-Ray window up to 1900 mm).

Modular design and extensive range of high quality accessories guarantee excellent positioning capabilities and capabilities for all surgical applications.


Arcus 501-701

Swiss quality and design, modular structure and wide range of accessories guarantee maximum flexibility adapted to all types of surgery.

The large access window of imaging equipment, the height adjustment of the table between 595 – 1200 mm, the maximum weight of up to 500 kg, offers Arcus tables ergonomics and optimal functionality.

Arcus is the only mass on the market with a totally separate emergency system independent of the primary one.

Carbon Spine Frame (CSF)

CSF is the innovative solution for positioning the patient in spine surgery.

The four mobile mini-pads distribute the weight to the chest and the pelvic area, releasing the pressure on the abdomen.

Combined with an Axis 400-800 or Arcus 501-701 operating table, the unique design allows unlimited access for staff, patient transport and positioning adjustments during surgery.

The system has a very large X-Ray 3D window.

Modular Traction System (MTS)

MTS is the latest orthopedic traction system developed by Schaerer. It is based on a new seated section that allows fast and easy operation of the surgery table for different surgical disciplines.

The system is compatible with Axis 400-800 and Arcus 501-701 tables. In a few steps, Axis or Arcus tables can be converted into orthopedic traction tables for the most complicated interventions.