METALTRONICA Analog Mammography

Analog Mammography- Lilyum


Lilyum is an analog mammograph that provides radiologists with high quality images in parallel with an optimized workflow. It is indicated for screening programs that involve a large volume of examinations in terms of cost optimization.





Helianthus C is a “low dose” 2D mammograph, an ultra-compact device designed to offer an advanced system at a competitive price.



Helianthus is a digital mammograph that includes the latest technology to implement breast cancer prevention programs. It is equipped with a high frequency generator, X-ray tube with tungsten anode and digital detector. Arm C has fully motorized movements (vertical, translation and rotation). A wide range of accessories allows the configuration of the equipment according to the user’s diagnostic requirements.

Helianthus BYM is a version of the Helianthus model, with a motorized C isocentric arm. The Bym 3D FFDM biopsy device can be upgraded to this model.


Helianthus DBT is an advanced digital system with tomosynthesis, created to meet the highest requirements of radiologists, while ensuring patient comfort and ease of operation.

Helianthus DBT is optimized for tomosynthesis and stereotaxy. It consists of a unit with isocentric C arm, integrated high voltage generator, biangular X-ray tube, digital detector and acquisition station;


Mammography Workstation

High performance workstation with two 22 “color LCD medical monitors and high resolution (5 MP) Benefits from automatic viewing protocols for mammographic images, tomosynthesis module, symmetrical display of mammographic images on monitors, magnification function, function focus for examining specific regions, navigation function and multifunctional keyboard for quick access to all functions

Solutie mamograf mobil


The ROSA mobile diagnostic unit was created to make breast cancer prevention more accessible, creating easier and more comfortable access to this service. It consists of a transport van (only a category B driver’s license is required), HELIANTHUS DBT mammogram with tomosynthesis and ultrasound. The result of the screnning is instant.